Sell ​​online + Earn leads: Top 5 ideas (World Cup in Qatar)

What does online sales have to do with the World Cup in Qatar ? You need to know this fact: in 2018, the Soccer Cup hosted in Russia ⚽ achieved a total of 3.5 million viewers; that is, almost 50% of the global population.

It also garnered over $2 billion in digital advertising. 🤯 What does this imply? That the keyword “FIFA” is exponentially increasing its monthly search, while others such as “Football”, ” World Cup ” and “Qatar” are positioning themselves at the top of Google. 🏆

You must take advantage of this almost magical boost that the World Cup brings with it to increase your online sales ! And if you have doubts about how to do it, here we share 10 super simple and fast digital marketing ideas for you to apply immediately. 👇🏽

1. It’s DISCOUNT season 🤑

online sale

But this has to go beyond a simple post on social networks, you must do it with strategy! Follow these recommendations: 

1. Increase your sales by being irresistible

Ask yourself the following question: what motivated you to complete your last online purchase? It is almost certain that it could have been impulse or urgency. If it was impulse, marketing decided it for you. On the other hand, if it was urgent: you found something that could solve a problem or fulfill a wish, and it was presented to you in the most attractive way.

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In any case, what will always be a guarantee is that those two emotions that you need your customers to feel can be greatly encouraged with one last addition: discount!

2. Add a countdown timer

It is one of the best online sales strategies. Don’t be afraid to put the timer everywhere: website, stories, reels, monthly newsletter. Let them know! 

Add phrases that provoke attention and impulse: “Last day”, “The biggest discount of the year”, “You have 12 hours left to use the maximum discount”.

2. Cross significant dates 🗓️

World Qatar marketing

You can use special dates on a personal level such as your customers’ birthdays to make them feel important with unique online sales promotions. 

The World Cup in Qatar will take place during November and December 2022, why not give a promotion to those who have a birthday in those couple of months? You can ask them to register to purchase a discount or product, just by leaving their email and date of birth. In this way, you will acquire leads. We advise you to review this list so that you have a very winning registration page:

Elements that are always in the best registry landings

By registration landing we refer to that page of your website created with the aim of getting leads. This is done through a Call-to-Action (known in English as Call-to-Action or CTA), which commonly asks for a name and email.

Honestly, there is no single structure for a landing of this type, but it is always contemplated that it has:

  • Clear and attractive phrase about what they will get in exchange for the registration.
  • Argument of why they should register.
    • Unique and concrete benefits.
    • Include evidence or testimonials.
  • Super attractive image that adds to the content, not that it is out of context.
  • CTA.
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3. Do a world raffle 🎖️


Nothing like a competition to promote another competition. Take advantage of the fanaticism of your soccer customers and challenge them to participate in a draw for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Don’t worry: FIFA won’t mind, since you’ll give away your own prizes.

Present this idea through an email and on your social networks. Your clients or leads must tell you which country is their favorite for the cup. How to do it? We advise you:

1. Instagram Stories

With a great themed design, launch an Instagram story group where you announce the giveaway. Announce the prize (discount or product) for those who win. The CTA must be that they leave their email and chosen country. 

2. TikTok as support

On your official TikTok account, make reactions in real time every time a decisive match ends. Tell your customers and the whole funniest community how many are still participating. Do it in a cheerful and comical way: you will start to gain followers.

3. Closing reel

To end this campaign, make an incredible reel giving your general opinion of the World Cup and thanking your followers for their participation. Remind them of the prize or discount that the winners obtained, and take the opportunity to mention that all the people who participated will have some other symbolic benefit.

4. Use positive emotions 🥳

online sale

The soccer world cup is about expectations, illusions, dreams, fanaticism and victory. Conceptualize that into highly emotional ads that increase your online sales. Follow these guidelines:

1. Take advantage of the crowds

Nothing better than seeing the fans united in a shout of happiness. This perfectly solves the fact that you can’t use official World Cup photography, but you will find plenty of royalty-free photos of crowds celebrating in a soccer stadium. use them. 

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2. Infect the desire to celebrate

With each victory of the favorite teams, you can release a new announcement to reinforce the dynamics or discounts that are active in your brand. Mix that soccer celebration with your incredible services or products. 

5. Euphoria after the Qatar 2022 World Cup 🤩 

Online sales strategies do not end with the closing of the cup, this continues! Use your social networks to ask your followers to upload a photo with this theme and tag you. From this you can draw two dynamics:

1. The most commented photo

The post with the highest engagement will receive a discount or product from you. Try to place important rules such as time deadlines and that they use a hashtag of your brand.

2. Everyone counts for participating

Anyone who has joined the game will get a discount or token product. 

What other ideas can you think of to get the most out of the World Cup? Write us!

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