The 6 Harry Potter Lessons for Entrepreneurs

What does undertaking without fear have to do with the saga of the most famous magician in the world? When we talk about Harry Potter , almost out of inertia, the first thing that comes to mind is magic and a little boy with glasses without a place in the world; but those of us who grew up watching the movies and reading the books know that it is much more than a fantasy saga for young people. In each book, the author JK Rowling leaves us countless life lessons. What better example of entrepreneurship than that of that woman who in her most vulnerable moment wrote an extraordinary story . 

And since we know that undertaking without fear is very complicated, we want to show you the 6 great lessons from Harry Potter that every entrepreneur should know.

Lumos Let the magic begin. 🔮

1. Face your fears to move forward 👻

Undertaking can be terrifying, every day you discover that there are new things to learn and new things to do (accounting, inventories, taxes, advertising, legal procedures). You must invest a little more of yourself and that can make you feel afraid , but that must be an engine for you to continue. Don’t let it stop you from achieving what you’ve always dreamed of! If Harry Potter had given in to fear, he would never have defeated Lord Voldemort. In this case, the Dark Lord of entrepreneurs is self-sabotage. It is very easy to fall into that place where we abandon projects half done for whatever reason. But we must stop this.

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We recommend you read Elisabeth Cadoche ‘s Impostor Syndrome  , with which you can learn techniques to detect when you are self-sabotaging, why, and how to stop doing it.

2. Believe in yourself to undertake without fear⚡

If they could, why can’t we?” -Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Self-confidence will always be the best felix felicis (magic potion also known as liquid luck) we could take. Believing in ourselves will allow us to motivate ourselves and achieve our goals.

However, this must go beyond looking to the future with confidence: prepare yourself. Make lists, take online courses, ask other entrepreneurs, study your competition. Everything is a teaching. We recommend that you read Philip Kotler’s Marketing Fundamentals .

3. Do what you dream of 🪄

If you’ve been dreaming of starting your online store, your restaurant or growing your current business for a long time, do it! Do not postpone your goals because you do not know what can happen later, remember: ” There is no use dwelling on dreams and forgetting to live” , Albus Dumbledore’s iconic phrase in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

We recommend a very peculiar book for this case:  The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. It brings very valuable anecdotes about how you learn as you go, and why adaptation is the best strategy to start a business.

Dreaming of a bit of structure makes everything more possible in the long run.

4. Do not get carried away by “what will they say” ✨

Sometimes we have many ideas and for fear of what others think we leave them up in the air. You won’t always have people cheering you on, but along the way you will always find people willing to support you.

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Luna Lovegood was always judged for being different. Later, the rest of the characters learned to see her importance, loyalty and conviction in her. However, she never stopped being her own person.

Don’t be afraid to get out of the ordinary, it’s the best way to make a difference. Be authentic. 

5. Investigate and learn 🧹

We all saw how Hermione Granger was always in search of knowledge . She was never left with a doubt and she was aware of everything she needed to learn to improve in classes.

Thanks to that she became an incredible witch, broke the stigma of being Muggle-born, and held one of the most important positions in the wizarding world as Minister of Magic.

It is important that you are constantly learning, every day you will discover new ways of doing things in order to take your business to another level. We recommend Obstacles to undertake that can put an end to your business and how to overcome them .

6. Work as a team 📚⚡ 💡

This is one of the principles that JK Rowling reinforces the most within the entire saga. Harry Potter would not have defeated He Who Must Not Be Named without the help of his friends, classmates, and teachers. Here you can take advantage of everything that technology already offers us for remote collaboration, generation of collective projects and personal organization.

Read 3 essential technological tools to undertake . Remember that each team and each venture have their own needs, but without a doubt there are applications that work for everyone due to their versatility and offer.

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7. Be humble with your strengths and your mistakes 🏰

Admitting that we are not perfect is a sign of greatness . We all saw Albus Dumbledore as an invincible wizard full of wisdom, but his story is no further from perfect; we saw his weak points and that’s not why he stopped being a great magician.

This is important when you undertake without fear, because not all your decisions will be correct, but if you act with humility it will be easier for you to recognize mistakes and learn from them. For this you definitely have to read  Measure What Matters by John Doerr.

Without a doubt, all these lessons will be very useful to undertake without fear, and what better than to do it with the help of experts, so if you want to give superpowers -or magic 🪄- to your business you can try Alegra for free , the accounting system that will help you to become the most powerful entrepreneur in the muggle world. 

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