TikTok for companies: the strategy that you should already apply

The history of the Internet seems to be tied to the history of Google. 🤓 This company appeared in our lives to help us find what we wanted among thousands of websites; then it became a monopoly of digital services that all of a sudden seem to be essential to exist, or that’s how it was until today. 

Do you go to Google for an answer, or YouTube to find the tutorial that saves the day? Then you are not so young anymore since according to TechCrunch, Gen Z prefers to use TikTok for these needs . 

As if this unexpected change in the digital paradigm was not alarming, another monopoly is facing the same problem. Facebook/Instagram have tried to copy TikTok’s format to compete in popularity; this has been poorly received by its “safe” user base, who have started the “ Make Instagram Instagram Again ” campaign. 

The future of the Internet in the hands of TikTok

It is common knowledge that leading blogs and sites for entrepreneurship, digital marketing, finance, etc., recommend people to become experts in Google Analytics, Facebook/Instagram Business, YouTube and SEO. That is to say, that they dominate the operation of this combo that dominates the Internet , since otherwise they will not get the reputation and visibility they need to grow. 🤖

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But this is no longer true. It has been predicted that YouTube will lose much of its monetization in 2024 to TikTok. The next victim is Facebook, which also suffered a hit of declining users and credibility after Russia blocked it along with Instagram from its territory. 

In this regard,  Mark Zuckerberg is betting on the creation of his Metaverse , a social network based on artificial intelligence that is costing a large part of his monopoly budget. However, this move can be perceived as  a strategy for a future where Facebook is obsolete .

It is a long-term process. It is impossible to declare that Alphabet (the company that owns Google, YouTube, Maps, Gmail and others) and Meta (owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) will go bankrupt at the end of 2022. Both companies are definitely already working to recover positioning and customers captives. Some plans will have better results, but they won’t go away. What yes: they will change radically . 🤯

TikTok success phenomenon in three key factors

Understanding the phenomenon opens the opportunity to replicate and even control it. At Alegra we determine these three factors:

1. Pandemic by Covid-19  😷

It was in this period of social distancing that FB and Google Ads had their least

average earnings in history. Instead, TikTok had a performance of 0.46,

while IG 0.28, TW 0.27,  and FB -0.16 and YT -0.25!

2. Retention time  🤳

Information technologies and social networks have over stimulated attention

from the people; the average time they spend on content is  eight

seconds . Although Instagram stories are competitive in this regard, they share space with other types of content on the same platform. TikTok, no.

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3. Transparency and daily life 🫀

The world wants to see itself without aesthetics filters  , and this is proven by the fact that most of the TikTok filters are to reveal more of oneself than to hide. Fun and “fun fact” content is also preferred.

The content that people really want to consume is content that leaves them with a sense of discovery and a desire to learn more about other people.

How to use TikTok small, medium or large company

Entrepreneur this is real you must use TikTok! The FOMO (Fear of Being Left Out) of many companies encouraged them to make the decision and join this network; now they see the very positive results. 

Do you think that the turn of your business does not adapt to this platform? Take a look at this small list of some brands that use TikTok and are breaking it:

  1. Duolingo (4.7M followers, 91.7M likes).
  2. Oreo (1.5M followers, 17.7M likes).
  3. Crocs (568.2K followers, 3.3M likes). 
  4. Starbucks (1.8M followers, 9.9M likes).
  5. Dairy Queen [Trois-Rivières] (1.5M followers, 28.7M likes).
  6. BMW (838.7K followers, 5.8M likes).
  7. Levi’s (851.1K followers, 16.5M likes).

What do they have in common?

The answer is not a specific line of business. This is all about using the characteristics that define TikTok:

  • Positive, witty, instant humor. Never in the form of bullying. 🤡
  • Participation in trends, both music, dance, audio and hashtags. 🎶
  • Sample aspects of the product that could not be known otherwise. 😯
  • Break the fourth wall with the audience. 👉👈
  • Address issues such as: sustainability, human growth, representativeness, inclusion, and family/friendship connection. 🏳️‍🌈

Why create a company TikTok?

We chose the previous seven brands because we believe they show everything that can be achieved with TikTok at the marketing level. We must not lose sight of the fact that each of these companies seeks to increase their sales . 

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However, they decided to bet on marketing that works from the positive emotions and enriching experiences that can be achieved with their product 

For example, Duolingo shows that something intangible like learning a new language can be what you need to meet the love of your life or fulfill the trip of your dreams. Levi’s projects that choosing an ultra-durable pair of jeans will help you save polar bears and fight climate change. 

In the case of Dairy Queen, the account did not even start with the company itself , but with a worker. It went viral because people loved seeing Dairy Queen offer a caring and humane work environment…and fun! 

In the end, all this generates brand loyalty, which translates into sales. 

What other TikTok accounts do you recommend? Write us!

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